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We've helped 30+ Australian brands accelerate their equity crowdfunding campaign

Raising capital to fuel the rocket? WeDid is a full-service creative production house and digital agency specialising in equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Our team will work with you every step of the way, from developing your campaign strategy to creating a pitch video, and executing a digital marketing campaign that reaches and converts your target investors.

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Accelerate your campaign with a creative & digital dream team specialised in equity crowdfunding marketing

Launching an equity crowdfunding campaign is a huge undertaking and most of the businesses do not have the time, resources or experience to execute it.

Unlike your day-to-day marketing efforts, equity crowdfunding marketing campaigns are fast-paced and need a unique approach. You don’t have weeks to test and learn, so you have to get it right the first time.

WeDid is here to help. We are a full-service production house and a digital agency that has helped 30+ brands in producing winning pitch videos and run successful equity crowdfunding campaigns.

When you want to remove the guesswork and work together with an experienced marketing team, we’ve got you covered.

The way you market your equity crowdfunding campaign is vital to its success. Here’s how we do it...

Pitch video

Your investor video is at the core of your campaign. We’ll create the perfect video to attract your audience to the investment opportunity. Our team has years of experience in video production and advertising, and we know how to craft a strategically powerful message that will resonate with potential investors. Working with us you’ll get:

Digital Marketing Management

We’ll get your pitch video and other digital marketing assets in front of the right people. Invite prospective audiences to invest with a targeted ad campaign that includes:

Content creation

We know what extra content is needed to level up your raise, to re-target interested audiences with conversion tactics. Depending on your brand that could include:

Latest pitch videos

Case studies

Dainton Beer
$963,630.80 raised

Built by passionate beer enthusiasts, who knew that drinking beer could be so much more… more flavours, choice, and excitement by challenging the boundaries of what it could be. They now sell the equivalent of 2 million cans per year – that’s a lot of beer!

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0 %
Equity crowdfunding campaign marketing

$1,037,471 raised

Kindship is an essential tool for navigating disability and the NDIS. We helped them by creating a pitch video and digital assets resulting in them exceeding their minimum investment target by 345%.

$ 0 m
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Don’t take our word for it. See what people say about us.

"They go above and beyond to help businesses through the equity crowdfunding process"

“The team at WeDid Creative have been brilliant to work with. They combine fun with a ‘can do’ attitude, which shows in the work they produce. WeDid are also expert storytellers, having helped many companies to execute successful campaigns on Birchal. They combine strategy with creativity - to find the right brand story, which is the foundation for a strong campaign. I love seeing their hard work come to life, as it’s always something new and really entertaining!
Matt Vitale
Co-Founder and CEO at Birchal

"Having both a business and creative mindset is very important when scripting the right pitch video"

"Ben and Dave have an innate understanding of the investment & Equity Crowdfunding space. When it comes to content creation… they just get it. What sets them apart is that Dave can look at the strategic elements of a business and develop a brand story investors want to hear, while Ben has the creative skills to develop that story into an entertaining pitch video. Having both a business & creative mindset is very important when scripting the right pitch video. Their success in raises thus far is only testament to that”
Tim Eisenhauer
Managing Director & Co-Founder at OnMarket

"The pitch video was an integral part of investors reasoning for making an investment."

I highly commend the WEDID team for their excellent professionalism from the start to the end of the project. They delivered a high-quality and captivating story that told the brand's mission. The team was very personable, able to take on constructive feedback and come up with abundant ideas. A pitch video is very crucial in a crowd fundraising campaign and I feel like we were able to put our best foot forward because of them. We received numerous feedback from viewers stating that it was one of the most professional, informative and creative productions they have seen in a pitch video to date and that it was an integral part of their reasoning for making an investment. I cannot recommend them highly enough, I will certainly be using their services again in the future for other requirements. Congratulations, WEDID on providing world-class media.
Samantha Cook
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

"Their experience and expertise with CSF raises was exactly what we needed."

We loved working with the guys at WeDid for our Birchal CSF campaign in July 2022. Their experience and expertise with CSF raises was exactly what we needed. The team were quick to react and adapt to our needs during the campaign and always optimised our digital performance for the best result. Their commitment to maximising our raise amount was awesome and helped us achieve a great result for our business.
Nic Polydorou
Marketing Manager
Dainton Beer

We love helping ambitious brands take the next step.